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hundreds of glass jars containing attar or ittar (perfumes derived from botanicals) in the old market, Hyderabad in the southern indian state of Andhra Pradesh

in Bali, offerings are made to the temples daily by beautifully folding plant leaves and filling them with flowers, sweets and incense.

rows of lush farm land at the Green School in Ubud, Bali

fresh sugar cane juice on the streets of Hyderabad

the colors of Il-de-Re, a seaside town on the west coast of France just across the bridge from La Rochelle. homes are painted in an eye pleasing palette of neutrals with hints of greens and blues, reflecting the beauty of the sea.

rich color found on Il-de-Re

a simple display of cotton in a home in Il-de-Re

"A rolling stone gathers no moss"

Eschscholzia californica
these California poppies made me homesick for Berkeley, in La Rochelle.

preparing rose garlands in Chidambaram.