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a pleasant surprise from making beet juice was the way the juicer blade made perfect indents on the beet - perfect for a stamp - and with the deep beet color - a self inking stamp at that!

at the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley a frog rests on the leaf of an agave.

in Chidambaram, a small temple town in Tamil Nadu, vendors sell fresh flower garlands on the streets for devotees to purchase as offerings to the gods.

Crossandra infundibuliformis
also knows as 'firecracker flower,' these everblooming flowers are used to make flower garlands for the hair and for temple offerings

a local seed packet of Crossandra infundibuliformis

stringing together Kanakambaram for a hair garland.

this gorgeous and sturdy cloth was woven from the fibers the Giant Nettle plant, Girardinia Diversifolia, native to Tibet.

poppy pods
seed pods from various poppy flowers.

a street cart in Tamil Nadu with many vegetable seeds. seed saving is a lost art and powerful political act.